IsCrossPagePostBack : Cross page PostBack

Download sample from here

Last few days, I was working on one of my module in my web application. During writing code, I came accorss one property IsCrassPagePostBack of Page Class. I have seen this earlier but never tried to dig. So I thought of exploring it and here I am sharing my findings with you all.

First, Let’s start from beginning. We know when we submit a page, entire form data with hidden fields, including view state is posted to the server. One must be using IsPostBack property a lot. It is false when page loaded first time but returns true if any postback takes place. Whenever we click any server side control like button, linkbuttons etc or any other control with autopostback true. All the data including hidden field, View State etc.. is posted to the server and available for processing at codebehind. Continue reading…

Generics and Constraints over Generics

In this post,  I am going to discuss about Generic Classes and bit more on this.  Just for a smooth start,

“Generics were introduced in .NET 2.0, which provides us a way to create Classes/Methods/Types and many more without specifing the specific type of parameters. Parameters must be provided at the time of creating the instances. So we can say Generics are only a blueprint/templated version and actual type is defined at Runtime.”

So lets first create a simple Class say Point Continue reading…

Received Microsoft MVP(Most Valuable Professional) Award – ASP.NET/IIS

Today is really one of best days in my life. Few hours back I recieved a mail from MVP program, that I’ve been awarded MVP status in ASP.NET/IIS for 2011. It’s really a great achievement for me. I would like to thank to all my readers and supporters.

This year is very special to me, as I got MVP status from in the beginning of the year. Now I received it from Microsoft.

Now I am really feeling blessed and honored. I also would like to say “Thanks” to all my readers and supporters. Also would like to name a few friends Abhijit, Kunal , thatRaja, Abhshek, Srinandan,  Sudeep and many more…. and some other blog friends  Pete O Hanlon, Alan Beasley, Petr Pechovic and many others, who provided their candid feedback that helped me in better writing/blogging.

Again a tons of thanks to all of you.