WF4: Passing In/OUT parameters

Today, I am going to share one more finding that I explored in last few days. It took my ample amount of time and at last found some solution.

So here, I was working on Workflow foundation4 and was passing arguments to it through designer. A lot of major changes made in WF4, which requires to learn lots of things. here I would be concentrating on passing arguments and few more things.

So I have created a workflow (Also called as activity) and created few In Arguments and Out Arguments. You can see about this in details here.

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Checking the Objects equality

In this post, I am going to discuss, one of the confusing topics of C#, to check the objects equality. I’ll also try to demonstrate with some sample.

First as we know that System.Object is mother of all objects in .NET. I mean, every class is by inherited from System.Object. So it means you get the some freebie methods that are provided by the class System.Object. Here we’ll be talking about the Virtual method Equals provided by System.Object . So what do you think? What will it check? Let’s play with it.

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